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Lenogo iPod/iPhone/iPod Touch to PC Transfer Review

Easily Transfer Your iPod or iPhone Music & Videos to a New Computer with Lenogo iPod Transfer Software!

Lenogo iPod to Comptuer PC Transfer Software

This is software that any iPod owner will eventually need. With an iPod or iPhone, the majority of people use iTunes to upload video and music to their iPod or iPhone device. It’s really easy to use and is amazing at how it syncs data back and forth between your computer and your iPod.

The problem occurs, however, when you want to transfer the music, videos and other data currently on an iPod or iPhone to a new computer. That’s where the Lenogo iPod/iPod Touch/iPhone to PC Transfer software comes into play.

Since iTunes does not allow iPod to PC transfer, you have to download software like this if you want to put your exisiting iPod or iPhone data to a new computer or back on the same computer you’ve been using if your computer crashed or you suffered hard drive failure.

What’s really great about this software is that it is fully compatible with all versions of the iPod and iPhone and Lenogo provides top-notch service to those who need it. Lenogo offers a FREE Trial version so you can see how it works before you decide to buy.

When you install the software, you will use the iPod internal database to display the contents within the Lenogo interface. You will then select the files (songs, videos or other data) that you want to transfer to your computer and then press go. Lenogo does the rest. It will transfer the data to your computer and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

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Lenogo iPhone To Pc Transfer Review – Now You Can Transfer Music From iPhone To Your Pc Easily

lenogo-iphone-to-pc.jpgHitherto Apple iPhone users were frustrated that they were unable to transfer their favorite song or music from iPhone to their computer for safe keeping and retrieving any time.  That hassle is not any more there, if they install Lenogo iPhone to PC Transfer software which is the latest in technology.

Playlists, ratings, back-up artists, albums, connected with audio formats get transferred with speed and ease.  In addition, this software enables transfer of back ups of video files also.  Automatic detection of the hardware is enabled in the program to enable fast mode of conversion with crystal-clear accuracy within no time. Download the FREE Trial Demo Version Here. Read more…

iPod to Computer Transfer by Aniosoft

With Aniosoft iPod to computer you can easily backup your songs, videos and other data from your iPod back to your PC or a new computer.

Aniosoft iPod to Computer  is so easy to use. It supports automatic scan iPod. It Supports every iPod Type including iPod Classic/iPod Nano/iPod Shuffle.

Aniosoft iPod to Computer offers very fast searching and a browse mode which makes finding songs/videos on the iPod easy. The list of shown songs/videos can be showed by song name, genre, artist, album.

It’s so easy to choosing desired groups of files for backup to your pc from iPod. And it’s also very fast and easy. Just do a checkbox click on any song/video file in the iPod files list, which enables you to check/uncheck all or specific groups of files for backup to PC.

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